Provide child care before and after school for students attending St. Albert School. 
Phone Number: (440) 409-6060

Saint Albert the Great uses PayForIt.Net for their online payment system. Parents create an account at and put money on their child's cafeteria meal account and on their Before/After Care account.

Yearly Registration Steps for Before/After Care Program K - 8 (below)
Preschool information please click here

All current attendees must re-register yearly
Registration Opens for the 2019 -2020 School Year on July 15, 2019
Step 1: Complete the online registration form
                                                           Click here for Registration Form K - 8 
                                                          Click here for Registration Form PreSchool

Step 2:  Set Up A PayForIt Account (New Student or Current Student w/o PayForIt account)

Before/After Care facilitator will email you to let you know your registration has been received and will also provide the Student ID needed to create a PayForIt Account.

Please go to and create an account and add each student to your account using their Student ID.
(This is the same program we use for our cafeteria system.
Monies for Lunch and Before/After Care are separate.) 

Complete instructions for setting up your PayForIt account can be found at the following link: Click Here for more information.


Please deposit a Minimum of $ 50.00 into the Before After Care account for each student.

All student accounts need to maintain a $50.00 balance throughout the school year.

Please see How to Add Funds to the Before/After Care Account in Documents below.
If you had a balance remaining on your PayForIt Account at the end of the previous school year it will forward to the current school year.
Please click here for information on how to set up account balance email options for your PayForIt Account

Step 4: Complete Form Packet

Complete Forms needed for each Before/After Care Student
Please complete the form packet located below and return to the Before/After Care program to complete the enrollment process.

Click here for  Form Packet

Step 5 Registration Fee
  • The first time each year a student attends Before/After Care they will be assessed a $ 20.00 registration fee.